Book Reviews – Authors

Alexander, Tamera – A Beauty so Rare
Alexander, Tamera – To Win Her Favor
Alexander, Tamera – To Wager Her Heart
Alexander, Tamera – Christmas at Carnton
Armstrong, Cathleen – One More Last Chance
Austin, Lynn – Keepers of the Covenant
Austin, Lynn – On This Foundation
Austin, Lynn – Where We Belong
Axtell, Ruth – A Heart’s Rebellion

Balarie, Kelly – Fear Fighting
Bradley, Patricia – A Promise to Protect
Bradley, Patricia – Gone Without a Trace
Bradley, Patricia – Shadows of the Past
Bradley, Patricia – Silence in the Dark
Bradley, Patricia – Justice Delayed
Bradley, Patricia – Justice Buried
Brendan, Maggie – The Trouble with Patience
Breslin, Kate – High as the Heavens
Brown, Devin – Tolkien
Brownley, Margaret – Gunpowder Tea

Cambron, Kristy – The Ringmaster’s Wife
Cambron, Kristy – The Illusionist’s Apprentice
Camden, Elizabeth – Until the Dawn
Cantore, Janice – Crisis Shot
Carlson, Melody – The Christmas Angel Project
Caroll, Robin – Weaver’s Needle
Cavey, Bruxy – Reunion
Coble, Colleen – Butterfly Palace
Coble, Colleen – The Inn at Ocean’s Edge
Coble, Colleen – Mermaid Moon
Coble, Colleen – Twilight at Blueberry Barrens
Coble, Colleen – Because You’re Mine
Coble, Colleen – Beneath Copper Falls
Coble, Colleen – The View from Rainshadow Bay
Compassion Canada – Eyes to See
Connealy, Mary – With This Ring? (Runaway Bride)
Connolly, Jess – Wild and Free
Cox, Carol – Truth Be Told

de Vise, Daniel – Andy and Don
Delamere, Jennifer – The Captain’s Daughter
Diaz-Ortiz, Claire & Samuel Ikua Gachagua – Hope Runs
Dickerson, Melanie – The Beautiful Pretender
Dickerson, Melanie – The Silent Songbird
Dickerson, Melanie – The Noble Servant
Dylan, Rachel – Deadly Proof

Early, Alex – The Reckless Love of God
Eason, Lynette – No One to Trust
Eason, Lynette – No Place to Hide
Eason, Lynette – Nowhere to Turn
Eason, Lynette – Always Watching
Eason, Lynette – Sins of the Past (Blackout)
Eason, Lynette – Without Warning
Eason, Lynette – Moving Target
Eller, Suzanne – Come With Me

Fisher, Melissa – The Way of Hope
Furman, Richard – Your Cholesterol Matters

Grace, Jacqui & Dee Arrand – Words of Grace: A Coloring Devotional Book
Graham, Jack – Angels
Gregory, Rebekah – Taking My Life Back
Griep, Michelle – The Captive Heart

Hannon, Irene – One Perfect Spring
Hannon, Irene – Buried Secrets
Hannon, Irene – Thin Ice
Hannon, Irene – Deceived
Hannon, Irene – Hope Harbor
Hannon, Irene – Tangled Webs
Hannon, Irene – Dangerous Illusions
Harris, Lisa – Fatal Exchange
Harris, Lisa – Hidden Agenda
Harris, Lisa – Vendetta
Hauck, Rachel – The Writing Desk
Henderson, Dee – Sins of the Past (Missing)
Hunt, Angela – Paul: The Apostle of Christ
Hunter, Denise – Dancing with Fireflies
Hunter, Denise – The Goodbye Bride
Hunter, Denise – Just a Kiss
Hunter, Denise – Sweetbriar Cottage
Hunter, Denise – Blue Ridge Sunrise

Isom, Mo – Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot

Jagears, Melissa – With This Ring? (Engaging the Competition)
Jagears, Melissa – A Heart Most Certain
Jagears, Melissa – A Love So True
Jennings, Regina – With This Ring? (Her Dearly Unintended)
Jennings, Regina – For the Record
Johnson, Christine – Love’s Rescue

Kupecky, Kyle & Kelsey – The Chase

Ladd, Sarah E. – A Stranger at Fellsworth
Lal, Tara – Standing on My Brother’s Shoulders
Lee, Mark – Hurt Road

McCulloch, Fiona – 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS
Mitchell, Bo & Gari – Grace Behind Bars
Morgan, Hayley – Wild and Free
Murphy, Ian & Larissa – Eight Twenty Eight

Orchard, Sandra – Blind Trust
Orchard, Sandra – Over Maya Dead Body

Pettrey, Dani – Cold Shot
Pettrey, Dani – Blind Spot
Pettrey, Dani – Sins of the Past (Shadowed)
Phoenix, Michele – Of Stillness and Storm

Riley, Reba – Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Scott, Carey – Untangled
Sheshunoff, Alex – A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise
Spurlock, Michael & Jeanette Windle – All Saints

Tagg, Melissa – From the Start
Tagg, Melissa – Here to Stay
Tagg, Melissa – Like Never Before
Tozer, A.W. – Alive in the Spirit
Tuff, Antoinette – Prepared for a Purpose
Turano, Jen – Behind the Scenes
Turano, Jen – Out of the Ordinary

Wallin, Laurie – Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful
Walsh, Dan – What Follows After
Walsh, Dan & Gary Smalley – The Desire
Warren, Susan May – A Matter of Trust
West, Matthew – Hello, My Name Is: Discover Your True Identity
Westfall, John F. –I Didn’t Sign Up for This
White, Roseanna M. – A Name Unknown
Witemeyer, Karen – A Worthy Pursuit
Witemeyer, Karen – With This Ring? (The Husband Maneuver)
Witemeyer, Karen – No Other Will Do
Witemeyer, Karen – Heart on the Line
Wolfe, Suzanne M. – The Confessions of X

Zobrist, Ben & Julianna – Double Play


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