Book Review Hiatus

I’ve maintained this blog for a few years now and posting book reviews on a somewhat consistent basis. The last while, I’ve noticed I don’t enjoy reading as much as I used to.

Because of this and a couple of personal reasons, I will be taking a break from posting on here. I am still on a street team for an author so I may pop every once and a while to post a review about their books, but for the most part, I won’t be posting reviews.

I’ll probably still read a book now and then during my free time but I’ll be taking it slower and won’t be critiquing them.

I’m not sure how long this break will last. I’ll take it a month at a time and see how I feel. I expect to come back at some point, but it may be more sporadic and/or look different in regards to genres.

Thank you for those who have read my reviews and I wish you all the best.


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