The Reckless Love of God by Alex Early

The Reckless Love of God

Does God Really Love Me?

Sometimes the bigger something is, the easier it is to forget. You may have heard all your life that God is love, but has the truth of that statement really sunk in?

In The Reckless Love of God, pastor and church planter Alex Early pulls you in close to ask if you’ve ever really considered what it means to say “Jesus loves me.” God’s love for us is real–he feels, knows, and even suffers on our behalf. Nothing will change your life, your goals, and your relationships faster than being captivated by this reality.

Whether you grew up as a Christian and have forgotten this essential truth, or if you’re hearing it for the first time, you need to be reminded–and assured–of the simple, amazing, mind-blowing fact that God loves us. – Baker Publishing Group

This is probably one of the best books I’ve read about God’s love. A lot I’ve read are written like they’re trying to evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling, and completely ignore the holiness of God. This book was the perfect balance between God’s love and His holiness. It didn’t force our view of love on God. One of the first things in this book that I really liked was how in the Introduction he used the Old Testament to show God’s love. I know a lot of people who believe the Old Testament is all about God’s wrath and the New Testament is about God’s love. They believe God changed but God’s love also shows through in the Old Testament – people just often don’t realize it.

I liked how Alex Early focused his book on the Bible instead of stories. He used a few stories and was very honest, but the Bible was the focus. I also liked how, towards the end of the book, Early compared Jesus to the people we read about in the Bible, how Jesus is a better version of them. “Likewise, Jesus is greater than Abraham, who by faith offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Jesus became the perfect sacrifice. Jesus is greater than Isaac, who was asked to carry wood to the place of sacrifice. Jesus carried his wooden cross to Calvary.”

This book is for those who want to know God’s love and not just a warm, fuzzy feeling.


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